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Akureyri the town on the fjord - the most beautiful town in Iceland, say the Icelanders themselves and the home of Holdur Iceland´s largest car rental company. Tall trees, attractive gardens, the closeness to the sea, the unyielding ring of mountains all underline Akureyri´s unique situation. Akureyri brings together the best of both countryside and the city with population of roughly 18,000. The surrounding fjord offers nature lovers countless possibilities of outdoor recreational activities during both summer and winter.

It is convenient to rent a car from Holdur upon arrival at Akureyri Airport or by Cruise Ship at the Port of Akureyri. For example various exciting day trips to Siglufjordur, Lake Myvatn and Husavik can easily be made from Akureyri in a rental car.

Holdur Akureyri Rent a Car franshisee for Europcar in Iceland has three Car rental outlets in Akureyri:


Europcar Akureyri location Tryggvabraut 12


Akureyri Downtown

Tryggvabraut 12
IS-600 Akureyri



Akureyri Cruise ship  Europcar car rental location at Oddeyrartangi


Port of Akureyri Cruise Ships

IS-600 Akureyri
Open: May thru September.



Europcar Akureyri location domestic airport


Akureyri Domestic Airport

IS-600 Akureyri




Free Shuttle Service in Akureyri
- Hotel / Guesthouse pick-up

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