Areas to visit

There are many must see places in Iceland and below you can find some of our absolute favorite places. We believe that all of those attractions offer

Areas to visit

There are many must see places in Iceland and below you can find some of our absolute favorite places. We believe that all of those attractions offer something completely unique and are places that everyone travelling to Iceland need to visit.

GeysirYour rental car will take you to Geysir (part of the Golden Cirle)

This world famous spouting hot spring is actually the source for the English word “Geyser”. That alone should tell you how impressive it is considered. However, Geysir is getting a little tired and erupts less frequently these days. No need to worry, though, since Geysirs´ little brother Strokkur spouts every 10 minutes or so shooting up water and steam 25-30 meters high.

Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall)

Iceland’s most famous waterfall is actually two separate waterfalls. The upper one is a drop of 11 meters and the lower one is 21 meters. Together it makes Europe´s largest waterfall that plunges 32 meters into a steep-sided canyon. The spray creates small rainbows over the gorge on sunny days which makes the scenery even more memorable. 

Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir national park is a UNESCO World Heritage and is definitely one of the most interesting places in Iceland. Being the original site of the longest-running parliament of the world, a place where one can visualize the North American and European continental shelf plates are being torn apart and the great geological landscape are just some reasons why you should stop by at Thingvellir.

Lake MývatnJokulsarlon - hire a car to drive to Jokulsarlon

The fact that astronauts train for aerospace missions in the Lake Mývatn area should tell you all about just how outlandish and catastrophic this place is! The lake itself, incredible birdlife, the unique volcanic landscape, stunning lava pillars, hot springs, boiling craters and mud pots are all good reasons to visit Lake Mývatn. 

Jökulsárlón (The Jökulsár Lagoon)

When the tip of Vatnajökull Glacier retreated quickly from 1920 to 1965 it left behind this 100 meters deep lagoon. It is filled with cold melt water and massive icebergs heading out to the sea which dwarf a normal human because of its size. Watching huge blocks of ice crash into the water is truly a breathtaking sight.


Ásbyrgi can certainly be counted as one of nature´s wonders. The horseshoe shaped canyon is 3.5 km long and measures 1.1 km across with walls as high 100 m. Scientists believe it formed by a massive glacial flooding right after last Ice Age and another flooding 3000 years ago. Ásbyrgi is definitely a place that is easy to recommend.

LandmannalaugarThe Blue Lagoon is close to Europcar car rental location in Keflavik and Reykjavik

Landmannalaugar is one of the most renowned pearls of the Icelandic highlands. The colorful rhyolite of yellow, green, orange and red is in sharp contrast with pitch black lava fields. Another popular attraction in the area is the natural warm-water pool that is ideal for bathing all year long since it is 36-40°C even during winter.

The Blue Lagoon

Iceland’s most famous geothermal pool is the country’s top tourist attraction and there is a good reason for it since there is truly nothing like it in the world. This huge natural lava pool is fed by mineral-rich geothermal seawater that is known for great its effect on the skin. Add the silvery towers of the plant, the warm geothermal seawater, clouds of steam in the middle of a natural lava field and you are in for a unique experience. 


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